Downtown Tempe Foundation Partnership

We are proud to partner with Downtown Tempe Foundation as our first local not for profit.

THEIR MISSION: DTF exists to curate diverse and impactful experiences that cultivate community engagement and offer social enrichment.

·         Downtown Tempe will be a vibrant hub of activity that offers a variety of free and affordable opportunities throughout the year for all Tempe residents and visitors to enjoy.
·         Events and activations will generate a sense of community and tradition while fostering new and unique experiences.
·         Downtown Tempe experiences will change perceptions and even change possibilities as new users see potential with our urban spaces.
·         Downtown Tempe Foundation will partner with community agencies and local non-profits to foster substantive change in the cultural and social well being of the downtown.


 $2.00 from every shirt sale with the below designs will go towards DTF.

Downtown Tempe Foundation has several projects. We are only partnering with them on the Mission Campaign (This is a campaign to demonstrate the collective voice of downtown stakeholders to raise money, resources and awareness for homelessness in downtown Tempe).

Wanna Team up?

We are passionate about making a difference in our local Arizona communities, so being able to partner with different organizations allows us to impact more people!

If you are a great non-profit organization and interested in partnering with us to do some good, please click the Learn More button and apply using the form on the Become a Partner page. After we receive your application we will review and respond. We will do our best to work with as many organizations as possible that are making an impact in the lives of Arizona residents.